Reflecting on Social Media Ethics

This topic has provided a chance to explore a very much debated topic. I wasn’t aware of the extent of ethical issues associated with social media use in businesses and education, but the vast number of issues covered and the originality of the posts has illustrated social media morality as a grey area.

As well as allowing me to develop my digital skills by creating a Haiku Deck (despite needing Holly’s help with embedding it!), this topic posed a pertinent question…

How can we solve the ‘digital divide’?


Many valid arguments for how to eliminate the digital divide were made. Kemi discussed the our digital footprints and the traceability of online activities. This made me think that education was the way forward, reducing the problem of unethical social media use.

However, Anna made me question this approach with her idea of self-censorship. Education of the consequences of improper social media use is appropriate, but does the responsibility fall on ourselves?

Sam’s post discussed that education doesn’t always work, focussing particularly on healthcare professions. Despite legislation specifically for healthcare professionals, misuse of social media is prevalent. Considering this, I agree with Anna’s opinion that social media users should take responsibility for how they portray themselves and their organisation online.

Debating with Elizabeth and Becca allowed me to make links between different social media ethical issues. Previously, I saw each ethical issue as singular; however, the Wentworth Miller/LadBible case demonstrated a clear connection between their topics, cyberbullying, and consent on social media.

wentworth miller

This topic reflected many of the arguments posed by previous UOSM2008 blog posts…

Topic 4 has allowed me to engage in more debate and make clear links between previous topics. I am hoping to expand my digital repertoire even further in my next blog post, exploring video creation with PowToon.

Word count: 303


Comment on Becca’s Blog

Comment on Elizabeth’s Blog


Social media photograph via Pixabay

Wentworth Miller/LadBible photograph via BBC News

‘Social Media Ethics’ presentation created with Haiku Deck



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