Reflecting on Open Access to Online Content

The topic of open access to online content was something I was familiar with, as a student and music lover, however, a lack of research into why content is open access or not made my knowledge of the topic biased. My own research and the work of my peers has broadened my view of open access and allowed me to come to my own conclusions as a content user not producer.

I created a Piktochart to sum up what I have learnt throughout this topic…


Ellie’s post discussed open access similarly to mine, in an academic context. Her argument allowed me to realise that despite the advantages, there are still questions regarding quality of information published via open access systems.

Whilst this is a problem for open access solutions in terms of education, it has no effect on the free sharing of music, as discussed by Rofini. Her approach was interesting, being both a content producer and user, and her case study of U2 and Apple Music illustrated clearly how open access to music can be disadvantageous to artists and fans.

Shaheer’s incorporation of an infographic (his first one!) reflected the arguments in his post. I had not been aware of the Berlin Declaration and his post, along with further reading, allowed me to determine that the golden route has more potential in open access because of its sustainability.

Theo’s post focused on the real-life implications of open access. The Khan Academy and Thrun’s MOOC allowed me to appreciate the advantages of open access in an academic context.

open access content

Overall, topic 5 has both broadened by digital skills and ability to engage in debate. I am more aware of open access and its implications, and look forward to applying this knowledge to my own degree.

Word Count: 293


Haley’s Blog Post

Rofini’s Blog Post


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