Final Reflections

When I started this module, I had no idea I would love blogging so much. Creating my own content, engaging with others and continuously working to broaden my personal learning network throughout UOSM2008 has significantly improved my digital confidence.

Developing my Online Profiles

This module, and particularly Topics 2-4, have given me insight and knowledge into how to become a conscientious social media user as well as utilising these tools for my personal and professional networks. The PowToon below, just one example of the content-creating expertise I have developed throughout this module, explains how UOSM2008 has affected my online profiles…

The self-test undertaken at the beginning of this module, as well as Topic 1, really put into perspective where I am as a digital user and the areas I needed to improve on. The changes I have made to my digital profiles reflect my learnings in UOSM2008 and these will continue to impact my online actions in the future.

Improving my Online Expertise

I have come a long way in my ability to create, manage and redistribute content online. My new self-test scores can be seen below…


UOSM2008 gave me the opportunity to engage with my peers to some extent, but in the future I would like to embark on a shared digital project to improve my knowledge and confidence in that area. I also hope to continue to build my online networks, personally and professionally. I am most proud of the improvements I have made in creating online material; I went from never having created anything to making and editing my own video.

UOSM2008 and the Future

The skills, knowledge and digital profiles I have developed throughout this module will greatly impact the remainder of my degree and my future career…

UOSM2008 has been unique as a module, not only in terms of the learning style, but also because the lessons I have learnt and the skills I have acquired are applicable to many aspects of my life. Digital confidence, organisation and information-seeking are now my strong points and I look forward to applying these to future projects.

Final Thoughts

My key learnings from UOSM2008 are:

  • How to effectively engage in debate with my peers, and use this experience to reflect on my own arguments
  • How to confidently create my own content online and curate this into a coherent blog post
  • How to become a more conscientious digital user and to utilise my online profiles to grow my networks, engage with my interests and further my learning and career opportunities
  • To organise myself efficiently
  • To organise, edit and redistribute appropriate information

My most successful blog posts have been towards the end of this module, however my favourite is still Topic 2. Whilst I enjoyed all the topics, Online Identities really stood out for me and was a turning point for my digital confidence.

I’ll leave you with this video (filmed, featuring and edited by me!) with some of my final thoughts on UOSM2008…

Word Count: 496

My Digital Profiles

Twitter – @ellis_metcalf

LinkedIn – Ellis Metcalf

About.Me – Ellis Metcalf

External Blogging – Options Wellbeing Trust


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